// Cluj-Napoca city guide

Welcome to our wonderful city.
Below you can find some locations, restaurants and what to do in Cluj.


St. Michael’s Church
-you can enter inside or go on top of the church


Cluj-Napoca Art Museum
-near St Michael’s Church
-the museum has beautiful paintings by local artists and much more. Inside the museum garden, you can find the very first cinema in Cluj

Calvinist Reformed Church
-important church like St Michael’s Church

Babeș Bolyai University
-one of the most prestigious universities in Romania and even the world is located in the vicinity. If you visit the Calvinist Reformed Church, you will pass by the university building along the way. When it snows, you can’t help but feel a magical atmosphere reminiscent of Hogwarts.
-Mihail Kogălniceanu 1 Street, Cluj-Napoca 400347
Matthias Corvinus House
-The main buildings of the University of Arts & Design are located here. It is said that Matei Corvin, the future King of Hungary, was born in this very place on 23rd February 1443. Additionally, the building itself is one of the oldest and most significant Gothic structures in the region.

Central Park of Cluj-Napoca
-If you’re looking for a pleasant stroll in the park, you’ll find it here. Additionally, the park is home to one of the oldest bridges in town, the Elizabeth Bridge.

Botanical Garden of Cluj
-It’s a delight to visit! The botanical garden offers a wide array of plants and trees to admire.

Romulus Vuia Ethnographic National Park
-Romulus Vuia is an open park featuring charming Transylvanian houses and other historic buildings. It’s a wonderful sight to behold and a perfect place for a long walk or to stay and read. You can even grab a tea or coffee and enjoy it while exploring the park.

Steampunk Museum
-One of the latest additions to the city’s museum scene is the Steampunk Museum, dedicated entirely to the captivating steampunk style. It’s a must-visit attraction as it stands out as a unique gem in Europe. The museum showcases stunning handcrafted art created by talented Dutch artists, making it a truly remarkable experience.

Turda Salt Mine
-Situated approximately an hour away from Cluj, the salt mine is a remarkable sight to behold as it stands out as one of the most unique salt mines in Europe.



-Zama Restaurant (traditional Romanian dish; must to eat: Varză a la Cluj);
-Marty Restaurants (all the Marty Restaurants have good food);
-Nuka Bistro;
-Klausen Burger Brewpub & Rooftop (a restaurant located on the top of a building with a nice view: the burgers are to die for and the beer is great to have their beer);
-Form (good coffee and food);
-Meron (for coffee);
-Sisters (coffee);
-Colin’s Gastro Pub or Chios if you want near the Central Park;
-1568 bistro (great créme brulée.)
-Samsara (vegan)
-Boema (with a great garden)
-Livada (also with a great garden)
-Baracca (upscale)
-Via (upscale)
-Atelier Cafe
-Irish Pub
-Eggcetara (nice breakfast)
-Enigma Cafe

**If you have a craving for something sweet, you can indulge in some delicious Romanian treats such as clătite (pancakes), papanași, or enjoy the Hungarian influence with kurtos kalacs from our Hungarian side.


-if you want to read or purchase books, we recommend visiting Cărturești or Diverta. They primarily offer Romanian books but also have a department dedicated to English books.
-on Fridays, when traveling by bus, please note that tickets are not required as they are provided free of charge.