// Who we are

We’re the kind of company where you’re always in good company.
Behind all technology, people.
Behind Red to Blue, passionate and excellent people.
By establishing excellent teams, embracing our colleagues’ different personalities and working closely with our customers we succeed to fully understand their needs. We are on a path that is leading to become the best company and create the best environment for people to work. We like exploring new ways to collaborate, to grow and to share our mutual success as a community.
We like challenges and our goal is always to come up with the best solution to make our projects and business objectives successful.
Support our customers and partners proactively, with excellent teams, passion and experience.
Enabling them to adapt in time when they need to reinvent themselves, due to ever-evolving technical innovations that influence their businesses.
A quick glance at how it started and how it’s going.
It’s our values that produce
added value.
We share our wins, but also our failures which are opportunities to LEARN, to be BETTER.
We ensure code quality by writing code that is maintainable, testable and gives a great user experience.
We are aware that growth means investment.
To achieve our goals we take good care of our people, we invest in our relationship with customers and partners.
In an ever changing world,  companies, societies, governments and people have to keep innovating, continuously improving and adapting to the new circumstances.
It is quite a challenge for all of us, to adapt, think, act proactively and smart to the changing circumstances using the right technology.